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Simply Put, You Must Hire A Landscape Architect

Oct 10

Homeowners that hire a landscape design-build firm may have an easier time getting their landscaping projects off the ground. Depending on the scope and objectives of the project, using a design-build firm may have both positive and negative outcomes. When people talk about "design-build" landscapers, they're referring to companies that do both the design and the construction of outdoor spaces.

How does one go about a landscape design-build project? In a design-build project, one company is responsible for both the landscaping plan and its implementation, as opposed to hiring two different companies for the two distinct tasks. A company that offers design-build services is known as a design-build contractor or design-builder.

There are benefits and drawbacks to hiring a design-build firm instead of a landscape architect and builder separately. What follows are the essential details of the procedure.

You Only Work For One Firm

The client just works with one business from start to finish, which is a major perk of the design-build approach. Therefore, working with a single organization that can manage all areas of your project may help move things along more swiftly from inception to completion.

One major drawback is that there is only one organization responsible for monitoring the project, and that organization has only one perspective to provide. Verify that your organization's mission and objectives coincide with the company's before hiring them to complete the task.

We've Simplified The Design Process In An Effort To Save Time And Effort

The design and construction fees of design-build firms are rolled into the final project cost, which is a major perk. In most cases, the budget for garden design will be a separate line item in the overall project budget.

A design-build business runs the risk of delivering an inadequately defined design plan. When seeking to get bids from many design-build firms, this presents a significant obstacle. When you purchase a set of construction plans, they become part of your personal property. Companies who charge you for a design but don't give you the drawings or that don't give you enough information should raise red flags.

When planning a landscape, it's important to include specifics like dimensions and building materials. The paper also includes a list of plant species, their quantities, their recommended distances from one another, and the recommended container sizes. Provide the same blueprint to many contractors to compare bids on the same set of tasks.

Companies That Specialize In Design And Construction (Or "Design-Build") Typically Know A Great Deal About Building

Landscape contractors with plenty of expertise at the helm typically run landscape design-build firms, since this company structure reflects the design-build methodology. They know the ins and outs of construction efficiency and how to properly stage a job. Furthermore, they are knowledgeable about the most effective building techniques that may be applied to the task at hand.

Disadvantage: Employees at design-build firms are rarely skilled in that field. They make the most of their money during the installation phase. It doesn't matter if the contractor's company employs a licensed landscape architect or not; the contractor is not a landscape architect.

Connections Between Design-Build Businesses And Local Nurseries Are Quite Strong

Those who work for design build landscaping firms often place daily orders for plants and materials. As a result, they are up-to-date on the ever-changing wholesale nursery plant supply. Do you have a strict deadline for your project that you must adhere to? A design-build company can tell you which species and materials are abundant in the area and how they may be used in your project.

Their market expertise will allow them to direct you to the simplest and least expensive materials for your job, which might end up saving you a lot of cash. A design-build approach might not be the greatest choice if you require additional time to accomplish a phased planting, even if you are searching for a genuinely unique solution.

The Price Of This Product Has Dropped

Since the design costs are included into the overall project budget, using a design-build method can help keep costs down. A further benefit of the design-build method is that the whole cost of the project can be calculated right from the start.

Although it may go against conventional wisdom, when shopping, you really do get what you paid for. There's no denying that the best companies also employ skilled designers, and that a design-build firm can deliver a top-notch project. If the cost is paid up front, you won't know how much time and effort the designer has put into your project. As a result, while dealing with a design-build business, you have no notion what the true basis for design decisions is. Landscape architects may place greater priority on ease of construction and readily available materials, whereas design-build firms may place more value on using native plants, finding sustainable stormwater solutions, or creating a specific garden experience.